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Sparebanken Sor

In doing business with the country of Norway, one must do business with the banks in Norway.    One of the largest banks in Southern Norway is Sparebanken Sor.  The United States Navy does big business in Southern Norway... actually the United States Navy has stealth boats built at Umoe in Mandal, Norway and my  beach neighbor on Skogsoy Petter Klemsdal is the director/COO of Umoe.

The banks in Norway pride themselves with how secure they are: not only for the common citizen but for estates and businesses as well.    Norway prides themselves that they are SOOOOOO secure, that it is alright to give everyone access to everyone elses bank account informtion.   This allows all creditors to assure that there is money in the account before submitting the invoices payment voucher that allows electronic transfer of funds between bank accounts to cover it.    The banks in Norway prides themselves and thier security on their accuracy of obtaining and checking  for the proper signatures.

How to commit identity theft, internet international bank fraud, and get a 200.000,00 Norwegian Kroner gift from Sparebanken Sor for a personal project with your picture in the newspaper.    Ha ha ha.   Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik won this round.      It seems anyone can get away with anything in Norway as long as the majority agrees.   LOL

For instance: Taking shifting other peoples money betwen bank accounts.

Take some farmhouse bills from under that name,  Eugenie Pedersen, such as the farmhouses electric bill from LOS AS .     (The farmhouse electric bills are to be paid through the Farmhouse Expenses Account.    The Farmhouse Expenses Account was set up at Sparebanken Sor to pay the farmhouse restoration and farmhouse bills on Skogsoy.   When my sibling and I agreed to the Farmhouse Account was supposed to take duel signatures of BOTH Eugenie Pedersen AND Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik to allow funds to be released from the Farmhouse Account.      (When Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik, Paul Rynning, and Eugenie set up the Farmhouse Expense Account they "FORGOT" to put Eugenie's name for signature on it.    So Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik and attorney/former judge Paul Rynning have taken control of the funds in and out of the Farmhouse Expense Account.   

Where do the funds that are depostited into the Farmhouse Account coming from?    The funds going into the Farmhouse Account are coming out of the MOTHERLOAD that is  currently set up as Paul Rynning's Personal  Investment Capital Account.   The money in Paul Rynning's Personal Investment Capital Account holds the OAP Estate assets including the > 5.000.000,00 NOK from the sales of OAP Estate land holdings

So say Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik and her family submits any kind of bill to the Farmhouse Account: ka ching!   Paul Rynning is free to release the money through the Farmhouse Account!   See how easy that is?  Ka ching.  Ka ching.     However the bank will not give me or my family statements for the Farmhouse Account.   Paul Rynning and Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik will not provide statements for all the money being funneled through the farmhouse account.     (LOL  Isn't it funny how 2 of Lill Tony's brothers restored houses, and her parents built a second guest house at exactly the same time Lill Tony and her family restored the Skosgoy Farmhouse?  ROTFLMAO)   Ka ching!

So say, take Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik with you to translate and misuse her political authority to show how to set the bank deception up.   Take along my brother Ted and sister Tamara too.   Take them along to tell the bank teller that the account signature holder is crazy and too stupid to know how to pay bills.  (No medical or intelligence documentation required.)   LOL.     

Take the bills to Wendy Damman at Sparebanken Sor in Mandal to assign the bills to somebody elses account.     How about the "secure" account that was formerly my grandfathers, then father Ole A Pedersens and was set as my father's estate asset account after he died... the OAP Account that carries my signature as the adminsitrator of my father's estate.  




a signature from my sister Eugenie Pedersen (verified by her passport) 


On 5/19/2006 When I realised that when Lill Tony told me that she was going to the bank,  that she might be meeting  with my brother and sisters.there  I found a ride to the bank as quickly as I could.   I walked into the bank and sure enough, there they were with bank teller Wendy Dammon.  There between Wendy Dammon, Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik, and my siblings Tamara, Eugenie, and Ted were these papers on the desk.  

Wendy Dammon from Sparebanken Sor had already stamped some of the Farmhouse electrice bills paid from the OAP Account.

I warned Wendy Dammon that Lill Tony and my siblings might be conspiring to fraudulently access secure estate bank accounts.


Wendy Dammon had taken Eugenie's signature on the form to make automatic electronic farmhouse electric bill payment withdrawls from the OAP asset account!   When I grasped the papers Wendy Dammon scratched lines through Eugenie's signature, the OAP Accounts, and through the payment stamp with her initials on it.


In this case, the bills were assigned to the Ole A Pedersen secure estate account that I am responsible for... it is my father's estate asset accounts.  I am the only  legal personal representative of my father's estate and the only with the legal proxy and the only person who can legally sign on these OAP asset accounts



Big Magic amazement that the bank is able to provide such detailed account transaction statement information, depite failure to do so when I and my family have requested detailed copies for all account statements and information regarding our money.

On 5/19/06 there was a balance of 8.003.00 NOK in the OAP Asset Account after three boat space rental payments from Boathouse No. 2 of 2.000,00 NOK ea have been deposited .    

Lill Tony, and my siblings and I all walked out of the bank together before going our different ways... the fraud barely diverted.  But it was to be a temorary diversion.

2007   Money Magically disappears and reappears!!!!



At 1 PM on 3/13/07  I met with Wendy Dammon at Sparebanken Sor in Mandal and checked the balance on the OAP Asset Account and found it had a balance of   618,79.    I informed Wendy Dammon that I had not requested or authorized any disbursements from the account.   I asked her who removed the funds and she said Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik.  

 I asked her who gave Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik authorization to remove funds from the OAP Account.  ( I knew it was Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik because she had sent Eugenie a copy of a paid electric bill marked from the OAP account numbers and personal note written on it boasting "I has paid the bill".   LOL     No signatures, no authorizations needed.  

Lill Tony Ramvik Larsen had the farmhouse bills assigned to an account that I am responsible for... it is my father's Ole A Pedersen estate accounts.  I am the legal personal representative of my father's estate and the only person who can legally sign on these OAP accounts, until other legal arrangments are made and authorized.


Not only had Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik succeed in getting the farmhouse electric bill paid, she also succeeded in performing fraudulent automatic electronic wire transfers for payments of other farmhouse bills that caused not only full draining the account but also an overdraft of the asset account.

When Wendy Dammon could not find a signature card allowing for Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik authorization to drain the OAP Accont, she asked me to return an hour later... assuring me that the proper authorization would be found.  She snickered with the other bank teller Silje and commented in Norwegian that I am too stupid to know how to pay bills.



When I return after 2:34 the only assurance that Wendy Dammon presents is this Sparebanken Sor print out clearly showing my name is the only living authorized name to sign on the account.    I am told to return the next day- enough time so they can try and find the signature cards or get new signatures signed on the card in the meantime

3/14/07   I go back to the bank to find no signature authorization was found but Wendy Dammon assures me that the problem is already "FIXED".... that all the money has been replaced by Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik and Paul Rynning into the OAP account to bring the account balance back up to 7.950,00... there in the list of bills that had been paid including Eugenie's farmhouse LOS electric bill..



Magic!  Just like the trolls.  The money is magically replaced.   The security of the Farmhouse Expense Account and OAP Asset accounts has as many holes as a sponge and my money is pouring through.    The money is replaced from the MOTHERLOAD.

Not that big a deal--- small accounts small peanuts in these specific transactions seems reasonable mistake between accounts.   It was deliberate bank deception that succeeded.   Everything is all good right?  

But say you are me and you as a business person or country like China or the US who wants to do business in Norway... let's say my family is your Norway board of directors, Petter Klemsdal, I mean Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik is your Norwegian business manager with her family being the local subcontractors. 

So I asked to speak to the bank manager to express my concerns.  It was extremely difficult to see the Manager, who thereby treated me like someone too stupid to know how to pay bills.   (Svein Roshaven, Senior Kunderdgiver has always been professional, pleasant, and very good about checking for authorizations)


This all leads to the MOTHERLOAD.    The >5.000,000.00 NOK  MOTHERLOAD of OAP of land holding sales should not be in Paul Rynning's Personal  Investment Capital Account.      The >5.000,000.00 NOK  MOTHERLOAD of OAP of land-holdings sales should be in the OAP Asset Account.  (If it were secure.)    With my >5.000,000.00 NOK  MOTHERLOAD of OAP of land holdings sales in Paul Rynning's Personal  Investment Capital Account,  he has successfully invested my money for his personal gain and real estate investments, billing and paying himself ( including upgrading his yacht and buying a personal vacation house in Crete.)  

Where is the accountability and statements for all the money that has been taken from me and my family?    Where is the security in the bank accounts?  The bank, Paul Rynning, and Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik have a good bank roll going.   The bank, Paul Rynning, and Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik take our MOTHERLOAD inheritance and no one provides any accountability for it!


 May 31, 2007  Sparebanken Sor GIVES Lill Tony NOK 200.000,00!

A couple months after my visit confronting Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik, Sparebanken Sor bank manager, the county, and police....  as you can see in the photo for the newspaper article below, Sparebanken Sor gives Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik 200.000,00 NOK when she originally asked for only 20.000,00!   

A couple months after my visit confronting Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik, Sparebanken Sor bank manager, the county, and police....  as you can see in the photo for the newspaper article below, Sparebanken Sor gives Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik 200.000,00 NOK when she originally asked for only 20.000,00!   

How generous!   But with whose money?     So where did this 200.000,00 NOK given to Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik come from?   Did it come through the Farmhouse Account from the Pedersen MOTHERLOAD per chance?   LOL!  

The ampitheater should be named the Ole Pedersen Family  Ampitheater.     The only times I have seen Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik cry have been tears of laughter when she is succeeding is screwing or pulling a fast one on someone.    This time she pulled a fast one on the bank and scored big.  LOL

I want to see a full audit- accounting, receipts, statements and reconcilliations for all estate funds and accounts.


Penger på bordet: Money on the table:
Banksjef i Mandals sparebank, Per W. Schulze har med Sør-konsernets velsignelse bladd opp 200.000 kroner til Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik og amfiprosjektet hennes i Ulvsvika. Bank of Communications sparebank, Per W. Schulze has with South Group's blessing scrolled up 200,000 dollars to Tony Lill Larsen Ramvik and amphitheater project in her Ulvsvika.
Nå blir det amfi Now is the amphitheater
Navnet blir nok ikke Sør Amfi, men det er langt på vei realiteten etter at Sparebanken Sør legger på bordet 200.000 kroner til finansieringen av det planlagte amfiet i Ulvsvika. The name is not NOK South Amfi, but it is well on the way to reality after Sparebanken Sør put on the table, 200,000 dollars to finance the planned amphitheater in Ulvsvika.

(Publisert 31.05.2007 - 00:01) (Published 31.05.2007 - 00:01)
— Dette er den hyggeligste og mest rørende telefonen jeg noen gang har fått, sier opphavskvinnen til amfiplanene i Ulvsvika, Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik. - This is the nicest and most touching phone I've ever been, "says the woman to copyright amphitheater plans in Ulvsvika, Tony Lill Larsen Ramvik.

Formelt er det Malmø, Skinsnes og Kleveåsen vel som står bak prosjektet, og som mottar pengegaven, men ideen er Ramviks, og nå er pågangsmotet og entusiasmen hennes blitt solid belønnet. Formally, it is Malmö, Skinsnes and Kleve Åsen well as is behind the project, and who receives monetary gift, but the idea is Ramviks, and now demand courage and her enthusiasm has been rewarded solid. Av banksjef Per W. Schulze i Sparebanken Sør, Mandals sparebank. Bank of Per W. Schulze of Sparebanken Sør, Mandals sparebank. 200.000 kroner legger han på bordet til Ulvsvika-amfiet. 200,000 million put him on the table to Ulvsvika-Amphi. Det betyr at prosjektet på det meste er fullfinansiert. This means that the project at its peak is fully funded.
— Den endelige summen har jeg ikke, men det første tilbudet jeg fikk fra steinlegger Stein B. Nikolaisen var på rundt 230.000 kroner. - The final sum, I have not, but the first offer I got from stone adds Stein B. Nikolaisen was around 230,000 dollars. Nå er det en stund siden han regnet på dette, så det blir nok noe dyrere vil jeg tro. Now it's a while since he counted on this, so there is NOK somewhat expensive, I believe. Men med disse pengene fra banken, 20.000 kroner som tidligere er gitt fra Byselskapet og 10.000 kroner fra vellet er vi på det nærmeste i mål. But with this money from the bank, 20,000 dollars previously provided from Byselskapet and 10,000 kroner from welled we will be at the nearest targets. I tillegg regner jeg med støtte fra Mandal kommune, sier en tydelig rørt og glad Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik til Lindesnes. In addition, I expect support from Mandal municipality, "said a clearly touched and glad Tony Lill Larsen Ramvik to Lindesnes.

En ekstra null An extra zero
I utgangspunktet søkte hun banken om 20.000 kroner til amfiprosjektet. Basically, she searched the bank for 20,000 dollars to the amphitheater project. Hun trodde derfor knapt sine egne ører da banksjef Schulze ringte og sa at han hadde lagt til enda en null. She believed, therefore, hardly his ears when the bank Schulze called and said he had added another zero.

— Vi mottok søknaden fra Lill Tony i mars, men jeg har drøyd med å svare henne fordi jeg allerede da håpet banken kunne støtte prosjektet med mer enn 20.000 kroner. - We received the application from Tony Lill in March, but I have drøyd to answer her because I already then hoped the bank could support the project with more than 20,000 dollars. Jeg anbefalte søknaden videre overfor konsernet, som sa ja til å gå inn med 200.000 kroner. I recommended the application further to the group, who said yes to go in with 200,000 dollars. Jeg synes dette er et flott tiltak å støtte. I think this is a great measure to support. Alle vi som er vokst opp i Mandal har et forhold til Ulvsvika, og dessuten er det ekstra gøy å støtte et prosjekt hvor det i andre enden er ildsjeler som virkelig brenner for en sak, slik Lill Tony gjør i denne sammenhengen, sier Per W. Schulze. All of us who grew up in Mandal have a relationship with Ulvsvika, and more, the extra fun to support a project where the other end enthusiasts who are really passionate about an issue, so Tony Lill do in this context, "says Per W. Schulze.
Lill Tony, som tidligere har stått bak turstiprosjektet på Østerland, håper amfiet skal stå klart til neste sommer. Lill Tony, who previously has been behind trail project in the Baltic Countries, hope the gallery will be ready for next summer.
— Men det kommer helt an på når steinlegger Nikolaisen kan komme i gang, sier hun. - But it depends entirely on when the stone adds Nikolaisen can get started, "she says.
Steinleggeren selv er imidlertid noe skeptisk til å få ferdig amfiet til neste sommer. Add Stein will himself is skeptical, however, something to get done to the amphitheater next summer.
— Håpet er å komme i gang i løpet av neste år, men å få det klart til sommeren det tror jeg ikke går. - We hope to get started in the course of next year, but to get it ready for the summer I do not think yesterday. Det er nok mer realistisk å ha som mål å få det ferdig i løpet av 2008, sier Stein B. Nikolaisen til Lindesnes. The NOK is more realistic to aim to get it finished in 2008, says Stein B. Nikolaisen to Lindesnes. Hvor mye dyrere enn 230.000 kroner amfiet blir kan han ikke si noe om ennå, men han bekrefter at kalkylen han utarbeidet for 3-4 år siden ikke holder i dag. How much more expensive than the 230,000 kroner amphitheater is he can not say anything about yet, but he confirms that the calculation he prepared for 3-4 years ago do not hold today.
— Alt er jo blitt dyrere, sier han. - It's all become more expensive, "he said.

Tusen mennesker Thousand people
Selve amfiet, som arkitekt Alv-Tore Romedal har utformet for Lill Tony, er planlagt i en lengde på 25 meter, og med seks avsatser, og vil sammen med det øvrige uteområdet i vika kunne huse drøyt tusen publikummere. The amphitheater, which the architect Alv-Tore Romedalsvegen has designed Lill Tony, are scheduled for a length of 25 meters, and with six easy, and will together with the rest of Outdoors in the way could accommodate just over one thousand public.

— Amfiet skal bygges i naturstein, slik at det kommer til å gli veldig fint inn i miljøet, og det blir på det nærmeste helt vedlikeholdsfritt, sier Lill Tony. - The gallery will be built in natural stone, so it is going to fit very nicely into the environment, and it is in the nearest completely maintenance free, "says Tony Lill.
— Akkurat det er jo en håndsrekning til alle engangsgrill-entusiaster, sier Schulze med et smil. - Just because there is a boost to all disposable grill enthusiasts, Schulze says with a smile.
Nå er Lill Tony spent på utfallet av søknadene hun har sendt til Mandal kommune og Vest-Agder fylkeskommune om 100.000 kr i støtte fra hver. Now Lill Tony spent on the outcome of the applications she submitted to the municipality and Mandal Vest-Agder County Council about £ 100,000 in support of each.
— Nå som sparebanken er gått inn med et såpass stort beløp, kan midlene fra kommunen og fylket, hvis de kommer, kanskje brukes til å føre strøm ut til Ulvsvika. - Now that the Savings are gone in with such a large amount, can the funds from the municipality and county, if they come, may be used to bring electricity to Ulvsvika. I dag må det benyttes aggregat under konserter, og det støyer jo en del, sier Lill Tony Larsen Ramvik. Today, the unit used during the concerts, and the støyer the part, "says Tony Lill Larsen Ramvik

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